Bob Jones College, Board of Trustees, 1946

Executive Committee of the College

  • Bob Jones, Sr., Cleveland, TN, President
  • R. L. McKenzie, Panama City, FL
  • Bob Jones, Jr., Cleveland, TN Vice President
  • C. W. Harle, Secretary Treasurer, Merchants Bank[1], Cleveland, TN
  • Rev. Robert Barker, Baptist Church[2], Mobile, Alabama, Pastor

Board of Trustees

  • Dr. William Ward Ayer, New York City, Pastor, Calvary Baptist
  • Dr. T. P. Bell, New Orleans, LA, Medical Doctor
  • Mrs. C. V. Biddle, Knoxville, TN, President, Tennessee WCTU
  • Dr. Timothy Walton Callaway, Pineville, KY, Mountain Preachers School
  • Fred Carter, Sweetwater, TN
  • Paul B. Fischer, Chicago, IL, Attorney
  • Mrs. Bibb Graves, Montgomery, AL
  • Dr. J. H. Hamblen, Pensacola, FL, Evangelical Methodist church, Pastor
  • Peter Thomas Hodo, Amory, Mississippi
  • Melvin Hutson, Decatur, AL
  • Dr. John Hyssong, Portland, ME, First Baptist Church, Pastor
  • Dr. H. A. Ironside, Chicago, IL, Moody Memorial Church, Pastor
  • Rev. Harold Jordan, Kosciusko, Mississippi, Young People's Fellowship Clubs, Field Secretary
  • Mrs. Loren Jones, Thomaston, GA
  • Mrs. Bob Jones, Jr., Cleveland, TN
  • Mrs. Bob Jones, Cleveland, TN
  • Dr. Robert G. Lee, Memphis, TN, Bellevue Baptist church, Pastor
  • Dr. Clifford Lewis, Nashville, TN, Evangelist
  • Dr. W. A. Lusk, Cleveland, TN
  • Dr. George McNeely, Newark, NJ, Elizabeth Avenue Baptist Church, Pastor
  • Dr. John MacArthur, Los Angeles, CA, Evangelist
  • Mrs. P. B. Mayfield, Cleveland, TN
  • Rev. P. Paul Miller, Winona Lake, IN
  • Mrs. J. D. Morelock, Cleveland, TN
  • J. E. Nelson, Altoona, PA
  • Dr. Monroe Parker, Cleveland, TN, Bob Jones College, Assistant to the Pres
  • Mrs. E. S. Petty, Cleveland, TN
  • Rev. William S. H. Piper, Cleveland, TN, Evangelist
  • Miss Frances Porter, Birmingham, AL, United States Employment Office
  • Dr. McElwee Ross, McKeesport, PA, Presbyterian Minister
  • Rev. Jack Shuler, Wilmore, KY, Evangelist
  • J. Y. Smith, South Bend, IN
  • Mrs. W. A. Sunday, Winona Lake, IN
  • Benjamin Franklin Wheeler, (Jr.? 1920-2006) Oviedo, FL
  • Dr. Walter L. Wilson, Kansas City, MO, Medical Doctor
  • Rev. H. E. Wright, Rome, GA, Church of Christ, Evangelist
  • Rev. George Kiemer, Pastor, Milwaukee, WI

Cooperating Board

  • Dr. R. P. (Bob) Schuler, Trinity Methodist Church, Los Angeles, CA, CEO and Pastor
  • Homer M. Adkins, Little Rock, AR, Former Governor of Arkansas
  • Dr. Louis S. Bauman, First Brethern Church, Long Beach, CA, Pastor
  • Dr. Clinton H. Churchill, Churchill Tabernacle, Buffalo, NY
  • Dr. David Cooper, Biblical Research, Los Angeles, CA, Editor
  • Raymond T. Crane, New York City
  • Dr. M. R. DeHaan, Grand Rapids, MI, Minister and Radio Speaker
  • Rev. Ray D. Fortna, Carrollton Avenue Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, LA, Pastor
  • Dr. Harry Hader, Bethany Reformed Church, Chicago, Pastor
  • Dr. Joe Henry Hankins, Pine Bluff, AR, Evangelist
  • Alphonso K. Harper, Fairfield, IA
  • Rev. Jessie M. Hendley, Colonel Hills Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA
  • Dr. Torrey Johnson, Chicago, IL, President, Youth for Christ
  • Dr. Wil R. Johnson, First Presbyterian Church, Galveston, TX, Pastor
  • Archibald Kemp, Vice president, Firemen's Insurance company of Newark, Newark, NJ
  • Dr. H. H. MacArthur, Eagle Rock Baptist Church, Fort Collins, CO, Pastor
  • Dr. James McGinley, Glendale, CA, Evangelist
  • Rev. Tom Malone, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Pontiac, MI
  • W. H. Norton, Salisbury, MD
  • Dr. Palmer Muntz, Casenovia Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY, Pastor
  • Rev. Elmer Piper, Chattanooga, TN, Evangelist
  • Blair Quick, Moline, IL
  • Dr. Ernest Reveal, Evansville Rescue Mission, Evansville, IN
  • John R. Rice, Wheaton, IL, Evangelist and Editor of _TSOTL_
  • Dr. Homer Rhodeheaver, Winona Lake, IN, Singer and Evangelist
  • Dr. Paul W. Rood, World's Christian Fundamentals Association, Glendale, CA, President
  • Malcolm Y. Yost, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Dr. John Zoller, Detroit, MI, Radio Preacher

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