Christian radio evangelist from 1940. Was on the BJU Board of Trustees and resigned in protest in 1957 after BJsr's behavior toward Billy Graham.

"He made his first radio broadcast in 1924 in Waco, Texas, during a creation versus evolution skirmish on the campus of Baylor University, the largest Southern Baptist institution in the country. Then a ministerial student at the university, Crowley became the central figure in a controversy sparked by his accusation that a biology professor was teaching false doctrine by explaining the theory of evolution to his classes. "According to Crowley's 1971 autobiography, _My Life, A Miracle_, he was expelled from the university for 'disloyalty' after making public hiw debate with the school authorities who had refused to act on his complaint. He was reinstated after he appealed to the governor of Texas, a Southern Baptist lay leader who was serving at that time as chairman of the university's board of trustees. The biology professor was fired. "But Crowley never returned to Baylor. By the time the issue was resolved, he had been invited to pastor his first congregation and had started radio broadcasts in Fort Worth.",3812395&dq=dale+crowley&hl=en