E. T. Poulson died on November 10, 1949, at St. Petersburg, Florida. He served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando (1913-1918), and First Baptist Church in St. Petersburg (1918-1928). While at St. Petersburg, Dr. Poulson assisted in organizing the Central, Hobson Memorial, and Northside churches. He served as pastor at Northside (1928-1945) for over 17 years. Poulson was educated at Richmond College, and received the D.D. degree from Franklin College in Indiana (Florida Baptist Witness, 22 December 1949, 13. Patricia J. Birkhead, We've a Story to Tell, 91-96).

Specific Campaign

[edit] Poulson invited Bob Jones Sr. to St. Petersburgh, Florida for a series of meetings in 1922.

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