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Dr. James Henry Hamblen (1877-1971) was a lifelong Texan, a pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in Texas, an evangelist and revivalist preacher, and subsequent to 1946, was the founder of the Evangelical Methodist Church. [1][2]


After a long career as an itinerant Methodist circuit preacher and pastor, Hamblen served as first general superintendent of the fundamentalist and missions-centered Evangelical Methodist Church during the denomination's founding, and was pastor of First Evangelical Methodist Church, Abilene, Texas, for several decades.

James Henry Hamblen was reportedly on the Bob Jones College Board of Directors in 1946.

His son, Carl Stuart Hamblen, was a composer and singer, penning and performing popular songs "This Ole House" and "It Is No Secret (What God Can Do);" and in 1952 he ran for president of the United States on the Prohibition Party ticket.


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