List of Bob Jones Students, Lynn Haven, Florida


  • Frances Deckle, Chipley, Florida
  • Jewel Prows Harris, Panama City. Died 2 Sept 2005
  • Mary Kate McCaskill, Shamrock, Florida
  • Mary Snipes, Montgomery
  • Tutt Clendenon, Port St. Joe
  • Donella Cochran, Daughter of a BJC Faculty Member
  • Audrey Crutchfield, Ann Warwick's oldest niece
  • Marvin Warwick, Bishop, GA. He attended Young Harris Junior college, and Sallie Maude Jones of High Shoals, GA was his benefactor to BJC
  • John Powell
  • Oh-ho Bloker, Ohio, violinist
  • Miss Ward Nursie
  • Sarah Owens, Student who taught Physical Education
  • Quilon Bittle
  • Jet Crane
  • Marjorie Parker
  • Ruth Rainer
  • Catherine Williams
  • Evelyn Roten
  • Estelle Hobbs, Lynn Haven
  • Ruth Gibbs, Lynn Haven
  • (Leslie) Porter, Lynn Haven
  • John Lee Carter, Castleberry, Alabama, Dry-cleaner
  • Selman Bradley, Preacher Boy
  • Henry Stephenson, llater taught at Florida State